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Under Pressure

by Ben Brotsker
The PSI can get pretty heavy underwater, but once you hit the spool and are under pressure, das boost will kick in, torpedoing U and your boat of a car down the road. The pressure isn't pushing down on you, per se, but you feel for those cylinders!
Shirt Color: Dark black
Sale ended: 06-12-2019
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Under Pressure
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Ben Brotsker
  • Location: Longport, NJ
  • Website/FB: ArtStation
Artist Profile
Ben is an IT professional who illustrates in his free time. He has been obsessed with cars since birth, eventually owning a variety of vehicles - from a turbocharged ’02 Civic to a lifted Jeep Wrangler, and currently carts his family around in a manual-shifted mk7 GTI.
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