Yard Work

by Steven Thomas
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Welcome to the Shade Tree Garage, where all progress (or lack thereof) is on display for the neighbors, everything takes twice as long, and calluses are earned in places you never even thought possible. Some may see a lawn ornament, but you see an opportunity to refine your wrenching.

Idea by Wade Matthews
Sale ended: 06-17-2020
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Artist Specs
Name: Steven Thomas Location: Forest Lake, MN Website/FB: Steve Thomas Art

Ever seen a design and thought, "man, that'd make an awesome poster"? Then chances are it was done by freelance graphic artist and illustrator Steven Thomas. For 14 years he created newspaper graphics and illustrations across every section of the paper. Now his signature mix of mid 20th century retro-futurism and vintage propaganda art has landed him gigs for Star Wars, Marvel, 20th Century Fox... read more!

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