Ordinarily, April is apex season, complete with the smells of bed-in brakes and fresh oil, along with a closet-stuffing amount of returning tee designs and other goodies.

We're big believers in flattening the curve, and so we've made some mods to our production and fulfillment process. To keep the dream of sweet tees alive, we've spread out the 20 Apex Everything Sale tee designs and other swag into 5 laps, with a new group of resto-modded favorites, wall art, accessories, and more rotating through every weekend from April 24 - May 25.

Come back here each week to see what designs the current lap brings!

Lap 5/5

*DING DING DING*, last call for The Apex Everything Sale! For our fifth and final lap, we're bringing on the wagons & waves with this totally tubular set of tees through May 25:

Carlifornia Dreamin II The Need V
Unicorn IV Surf Sun & Stance III

If the ol' schnoz could use a car bra, you might as well apex that too! We've got a whole garage of face mask options to keep that coolant from bubbling over. A lightweight single-layer of printed fabric, made in the USA.

Pink Pig Mask Wolfsburg Mask
Rain Mask RSR Mask

New Shift

If your tee drawer is already full to bursting, here are some new ways to apex pretty much everything during this final lap of the sale.

SCooby Socks

Ruh-roh! If your sock drawer is looking a bit scary and abandoned, we've got just the gang to solve it. This rally legend is on the case with our new Scooby Socks from Heeltread.

Scooby Socks

Wolfsburg Socks

If you'd prefer to wear some wolf, you're also in luck, as Wolfsburg Socks from Heeltread are back in stock, featuring the classic German tartan pattern that should be on every hot hatch.

Wolfsburg Socks

TIny TUned

This mid-engined coupe may be decent for leg power out of the box, but it's never too early for some modifications. Little apexers can suit up with the Cartuned Onesie, available in size Newborn - 24 Months.

Cartuned Onesie VI

Challenge Accepted

Using all four of your limbs at once while blazing through a twisty mountain pass? No challenge at all. Show that doing it yourself is no problem with the Heel & Toe Challenge Coin making the final rounds.

Heel Toe Challenge Coin

New Wall Art

1 if by land, 5 if by Rover? No matter what generation of this classic offroad nameplate you prefer, you know you're getting one capable rig. Home on the Range Wall Art brings the whole family together. 16x20", frame not included.

Home on the Range PosterHome on the Range Detail

Lap 4/5 (Ended)

Stuttgart is coming out swinging for lap 4, as the latest round of our sale brings you a fleet of Germany's finest. From air-cooled to water-cooled, street to track, we've got your back with these 4 mean p-car tees through May 18:

First Responder VII Cup Car II
What The V Aging Well III

Heel & Toe Challenge Coins are still available while supplies last, to celebrate the joys of 3-pedal driving, or just decide who has to do the next toilet paper run.

New Shift

If your need for tee is already satisfied, here are some new ways to apex anything and everything during this fourth lap of the sale.

Race Masks

Your immune system could use some paint protection film too! We're apexing everything, including that glamorous 2020 look, with the new Houndstooth Mask. US made in Los Angeles, CA.

Houndstooth Mask

P-Car Socks

Make a Rennsport Reunion out of your sock drawer, thanks to the 3 new foot sleeves on offer from Heel Tread. RSR and Pink Pig socks are back in stock, plus 4 color variants of Pepita Socks to match better match your awesome torso.

710 Onesie


The p-car theme carries for the little ones too, as our First Responder Onesie gives the little racing suit a track-ready upgrade. Available in size Newborn - 24 Months.

First Responder Onesie

A Worthy Cause

Call us environmentalists, 'cuz when we see this species of whale, we wanna do everything we can to keep them around! Save The Whales is available as a sticker.

Save The Whales Sticker

New Wall Art

These silhouettes built up quite a fanbase. Group 5 racing brought us some of the most recognizable shapes in racing, and Groupie 5 Wall Art brings some of your favorites together. 16x20", frame not included.

Groupie5 PosterGroupie5 Detail

Lap 3/5 (Ended)

Watch out, we've got some Bimmers on track for lap 3! These Bavarians and other limited-time torso coverings are available as part of this third lineup through May 11:

Mister Blue Slide II DTM3 IV
DJ Footwerk VIII 710 VI

We're also still swapping heads & tails for heels & toes with the new Challenge Coin, available in limited quantities.

New Shift

If your need for tee is already satisfied, here are some new ways to apex anything and everything during this third lap of the sale.

Redline CoasterS

A daily redline does for carbon as these Redline Coasters do for condensation. Keep your coffee tables clean and stylish with this set of 4 pulpboard gauge coasters.

Plus 5hp Mug


This specialized fluid cap isn't just available on big-boy tees, as you can also snag it in cool (baby) suit form as the 710 Onesie. Available in size Newborn - 24 Months.

710 Onesie

Sock Like a Pro (CAR)

To stand out in a spec series, you need the right livery. Maybe that's why Procars got the best paint jobs, which you can now shod your footsies in courtesy of Procar Socks and E30 Low Socks from Heel Tread.

Procar SOcks

Hoffmeister Rock

If there's one thing as well-known as an inline-6 Bimmer's soundtrack on a racetrack, it's that trademark Hoffmeister kink along the side. Jam out with Garage Band now available as a sticker.

Garage Band Sticker

New Wall Art

If your walls need a little more snap-crackle-pop art, Open Fire combines a Group B rally legend with a timeless Lichtenstein style. 16x20", frame not included.

Open Fire PosterOpen Fire Detail

Lap 2/5 (ENDED)

Lap 2 keeps things goin' with this lineup, available for a limited time thru May 4:

Hey Einstein V 3-2 Step VI
Close Encounter V Moar Power VIII

We've also still got limited quantities of the new Heel & Toe Challenge Coin to flip for who has to cut who's hair first.

New Shift

If your need for tee is already satisfied, here are some new ways to apex anything and everything during this second lap of the sale.

Add Caffeinepower

A cold start isn't always as great as YouTube clips would lead you to believe. Warm up your brainpower with our ceramic 11oz +5HP Mug to fill with your octane of choice.

Plus 5hp Mug


These instructions for the heel-toe dance aren't only on big-boy tees, as you can also snag it in miniature form as the 3-2 Step Onesie. Available in size Newborn - 24 Months.

3-2 Step Onesie

Car-Gyle Socks

The classic socks based on the race car based on the socks are back for another lap! Cargyle Socks have a new look from Heel Tread, available in limited quantities.

Cargyle Socks II

Planet Express

We're also unboxing a new slot-car themed design in partnership with our friends at Planet Miata with the Zig Zag Zap tee. Available during the sale thru May 15.

Zig Zag Zap tee

New Wall Art

Giving a certain hedgehog a run for his money is this blue bombshell. The Sonic Speed artwork combines a perfect Pantone with an equally iconic powertrain. 16x20", frame not included.

Sonic Speed PosterSonic Speed Detail

Lap 1/5 (Ended)

Lap 1 kicks off with this lineup, available for a limited time thru April 27:

Get Skidward V Fear & Clothing V
Motorologist III Add Lightness VII

We've also got limited quantities debuting of the new Heel & Toe Challenge Coin to flip for who has to do the next stint for groceries.

New Shift

If your need for tee is already satisfied, here are some new ways to apex anything and everything during this sale lap.

Surprised Conesie

This open-mouthed autocross staple isn't just coming back as a big-boy tee. You can also get it in adorable mini race suit form with the Get Skidward Onesie. Available in size Newborn - 24 Months.

Get Skidward Onesie

Rub The Right Way

While being stuck indoors is a good excuse to work on your dry rub recipe, we all know that Texas still does it best. Celebrate wheel-to-wheel with the new Dry Rubbin' is Racing Sticker. Limited quantities.

Dry Rubbin' is Racing Sticker

New Wall Art

If home improvement is the name of the game, it's hard to do better than this new horsepower-adding Racing in the Rain artwork. 16x20", frame not included.

Racing in the Rain PosterRacing in the Rain Detail