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Mister Blue Slide II

by Ar Rizza Deli Henri
Having a blue day? Pay a visit to Mr. blue slide. There won't be a cloud in sight... until you let the S54 rip in a buzz of rear tire-destroying smoke. When highways become seas of just monotonous grey crossovers, you'll look back at this RWD coupe that revs to almost 8 grand and think "where did we go wrong?"
Shirt Color: Black At It Again
Sale ended: 05-11-2020
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Sale ends in: 
Mister Blue Slide II
by Twain Forsythe
Artist Specs
  • Name: Ar Rizza Deli Henri
  • Location: Central Java, Indonesia
  • Website/FB: @rizadeli
Artist Profile
Riza is freelance graphic designer from Indonesia, who specializes in automotive illustration. He's recently worked with several brands like Tunercult and RWB. You can see his other awesome designs and poster on his Instagram.