24 fan-tee-stick designs Till 11/7

Here’s one election that you won’t want to end, as the blipshift engineers have crafted 24 nasty good designs as part of The Tee-lection Sale! No time to debate, these candidates are only campaigning from Thursday November 3 @ noon EDT through Monday November 7, so get your ballots in fast!

Eager voters with qualifying orders* also get a FREE Michelin Track Day Personal Care Kit (all gone!) complete with lip balm, hand sanitizer, bug spray pen, and sunscreen pen. Perfect for track days or running away from bears/Mustangs. Item appears in cart if eligible.

*Free with any apparel or accessory items $15 and up, while supplies last, thanks to our friends at Michelin.

What's a Blipmoji?

Apex your iMessages with our free Blipmoji sticker pack! We’ve adapted 25 blip-tastic designs from our awesome artists into digital sticker form for use with Apple devices. Download yours on the Apple App Store for fa-ree now!

Blipmoji Car Sticker PackBlipmoji Car Sticker Pack

Make America Shift Again

Remember when we used to shift cars with our own blood sweat and tears before it was all outsourced to computers? Show off your transmission affiliation with our shiftin’ awesome accessories available as part of The Tee-lection Sale.

Glowing Gates
Shifter Decal

Add some glow to your ‘pro with our vinyl laptop decals. Finished in a sweet rattle-can-style (aka matte) black, these great gates can be grabbed individually or as a 2-pack for twice the fun.

Silicone Shifter

Ideal for ice but also great for treats like chocolate or jello, our shifter molds prove that silicone has more uses than just sealing your leaky trunk. Comes in a 2-pack with one orange and one grey tray.

New Stickers

Moar Bonus

Trying to rationalize that extra addition to your cart? Well for every 5 qualifying items* you get a bonus tee! ($15 value, coupons delivered after the sale ends). Coupons will be sent via email on Nov 11. And don't forget: US domestic orders of 3 or more* ship for free, so bundle up!

*Any any apparel or accessory items $15 and up.

Shipping & Returns

Your loot will ship 1-2 weeks after the sale ends, though larger orders may take longer to process than a single item. Returns are accepted within 45 days provided that the item is unworn and unwashed.