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Silicone Shifter Molds

by team blipshift
Shift your ice production into high gear. Silicone Shifter Molds are perfect for chilling those tasty beverages down or making clutch moldable snacks. Don't miss another shift because of your lukewarm drink.
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Select Orange, Grey or the 2-pack of 2 molds, one of each color, orange and grey.

These are durable non-stick food-grade silicone molds for making ice cubes, jello shots, chocolates or anything else that needs 5 speeds plus reverse.

Can be used for baking or freezing. Dishwasher safe. Heat and odor resistant.
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Materials: BPA-free silicone
Tray dimensions: approx 4" x 7"
Cube dimensions: each tray makes 8 cubes at a time, approx 1.25" x .75"
Safe temperature range: -40 – 445º F
Designed in USA. Made in China for blipshift.