Marketing Associate

Do you have double digit browser tabs open each dedicated to satisfying a specific automotive need? Can't go longer than 20 minutes before sharing super "important" stuff to your "friends" on social media? Or maybe you want to make the world a better place by getting other automotive enthusiasts into torso covering awesomeness. Yeah? Well, blipshift may just have the job for you!

Team blipshift is growing, and we need a Marketing Associate to help spread the word of exquisite upper body comfort and style in the form of BS tees. Hold on though 'cause before you chuck your company ID onto your boss's desk and tell him to shove it, there are few really important things you should know...

  • You most definitely need to think, dream and speak car. Automotive "rain man" (or woman)? Heck, yeah.
  • You gotta know the ins and outs of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and stuff that you didn't even know existed.
  • Remember, blipshift isn't a Fortune 500 company. We're probably not even a Fortune 1 million company, so you've got to have the ability to independently figure stuff out. Make sure your computer is plugged in before asking why it isn’t turning on.
This is a full time position at our NYC HQ steps away from the Queensboro Bridge. You'll be surrounded by salvage title yellow cabs and eastern european garages with a conga line of broken German vehicles. We don't know where they go and we're not gonna ask. We promise that working at blipshift sucks less than your current job… unless your job requires you to eat donuts and get a daily foot massage. You'll get to do stuff like roll around in piles of soft cotton t-shirts, drink all the filtered water you want and trampoline onto our velcro wall. Oh yeah, free lunch!

  • Create content for products and social media
  • Schedule and post to social media channels
  • Engage with followers, customers and ambassadors
  • Write high quality website and social media content
  • Be funny. Better than dad joke funny. If you’re a dad, no offense.
  • Solve problems. Don't whine. Get stuff done.
  • BA/BS degree
  • 2+ years of relevant marketing experience.
  • Ability to work with data, tables, charts and other metrics. Numbers should make you happy. Yay!
  • Your writing should really really really awesome with good grammarz and spellings.
Additional information
Salary: Yes, you will be paid, and compensation depends on experience & skill level.
Location: Must work from blipshift's global HQ in Long Island City, Queens. Ixnay on WFH.
Benefits: Medical, 401k, plus life-changing discounts on BS apparel

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