Our Process


What are the steps involved in getting you the most innovative automotive themed shirts? The following highlights some of the magic that happens behind the scenes.


Our "6-S" Process Step Duration
(1) Source: Blipshift receives submissions to Design Challenges from artists around the world. Got what it takes? Join them Ongoing
(2) Select: Our editorial team curates and selects a variety of artistic styles across a myriad of automotive interests.  Ongoing
(3) Sell: Just one shirt goes up for sale on our site for a limited time. Sitting around naked, wondering what to wear? We have a suggestion: order quickly.  Up to 1 week
(4) Screen-Print: As soon as a sale ends for a shirt, we send your order - along with those of the other winners who have ordered the same shirt - to our printing team where artisans tirelessly ply their craft to provide you with the highest quality product.  7 to 10 days after sale ends
(5) Ship: Once the ink is dry, we pack and ship your shirt to you via First Class USPS (domestically) to get it to you as quickly as possible. Time in transit for shipping from our warehouse to your front door can take anywhere from a few days to about a week, depending on how far away you live from our nexus of awesomeness. Want it sooner? Move closer to us.  1 to 5 days in transit

(6) Satisfy
: You receive your wonderful shirt and immediately put it on. Ahhh, nothing like creamy-smooth cottony-goodness embellished with automotive witticisms. Another happy customer. But it reminds you, where are my pants?