Selling Designs on Blipshift

At blipshift, we turn crowdsourced designs into t-shirts and apparel for car enthusiasts! Since our inception in 2012, we've worked with hundreds of passionate automotive artists to create limited-edition apparel representing a vast variety of interests among our 1,300+ design catalog.

These tees are not all that’s been created, as we've also cultivated an engaged gearhead community made up of tens of thousands of loyal custom-ers, and over 100,000 followers across social media.

In a nutshell, we know shirts, and we know cars. By selling your awesome products on our store, we bring a heap of benefits to the torso table, such as:

    • Access to our network of artist talent to bring life to design concepts
    • Placement in a strong daily email to our subscribers.
    • Engagement through multiple social media channels.
    • Years of product design and production experience.
    • Relationships with tracks, clubs, automakers, media and more through past collaborations.
    • Handling of all inventory, shipping, and customer service.
    • Your own vanity URL at

    So how do you make money? Check the pricing breakdown on the next page, but essentially the typical tee has a base cost of $14 with your provided design, and you earn a profit on each unit equal to the amount over that which you charge (so you’d make $6 on a $20 tee). Got more questions? You can also find some more a’s for your q’s in the FAQ at the end of this document, and we’re happy to answer any others and discuss more details.

    Product Style
    Base Cost
    Retail Price
    Take Home
    Next Level Fitted Tee
    Fitted Tee (2XL, 3XL)
    Hanes Beefy Tee
    Beefy Tee (2XL, 3XL)
    Next Level Tri-Blend Tee
    Tri-Blend (2XL, 3XL)
    Hanes Long Sleeve
    Long Sleeve (2XL, 3XL)
    Gildan Hoodie
    Hoodie (2XL, 3XL)
    Next Level Youth Tee
    Next Level Womens Tee
    Next Level Womens Tank
    Poster (16x16" or 12x18")

    1 color back print is an additional $2/unit
    Includes printing of blipshift logo on the side

    Product Offerings Mockup
    Next Level Fitted Tee #3600
    Hanes Beefy-T #5180
    Hanes Long Sleeve #5186
    Gildan Hoodie #G185
    Next Level Womens Ideal Tee #1510
    Next Level Womens Tank #1533
    Next Level Youth Tee #3310
    Dark Grey
    Warm Dark Grey
    Warm Grey*
    Light Grey*
    Heather Grey*
    Military Green*
    Light Olive*
    Forest Green*
    Kelly Green
    Navy Blue
    Indigo Blue*
    Royal Blue
    Cool Blue*
    Light Blue*
    Bright Red
    Deep Red*

    *Color may not be identical across all product variants
    Inquire with your blipshift representative for other styles

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do I submit my designs?
    New concepts can be submitted via the web form at the bottom of our Terms & Conditions page.

    How do you select my designs?
    Every submission is reviewed by the blipshift pit crew, and while we don't restrict what you can sell based on personal preference alone, there is a layer of expert curation to ensure your featured lineup is as relevant as possible. Additionally, there are some basic guidelines to note:

      • Keep it PG-13. We're all for innuendos, but given we also sell shirts in kids sizes it's best not to push the tee-envelope.
      • Be car positive! It's always better to use the torso canvas to celebrate one aspect of car culture rather than criticize another. Can't we all just get along?
      • Be intellectual with property. All rights to the design and logos/names within should be owned/claimed by you, and we don't pursue licenses on your behalf.

      Can you help me work an idea into finished artwork?
      You bet! If you had a rough concept in need of that special touch, we can utilize our network of artists to create some shirt-ready art for an additional fee of just $2 per tee sold. There’s no up-front art costs to you!

      Who creates all the sale assets?
      Our gear monkeys will handle that! The preference for any artwork is to be submitted be in vector form (.ai, .pdf, .eps, etc.) with the layers intact, but we can work with partners if they have artwork in other sizes and formats.

      What shirt types do you offer?
      We currently offer two basic styles and brands of shirt. The CSL-spec "Fitted" tees are Next Level, while the "Heavy Duty" are a boxier and sturdier Hanes Beefy Tee. Our customers like ‘em both.

      What if I want to make a design a sticker?
      Most certainly! We can definitely help you with design and sourcing. In the case of stickers and decals, you would purchase and own all of the inventory and would earn the full value of the retail price, minus $1 to cover shipping and handling, on the same cadence as any apparel royalties. Lot price can vary by size and style, but for a rough outline see the pricing grid below:

      Sticker Type
      50 Units
      100 Units
      250 Units
      Die Cut
      3 x 4"
      Bumper Sticker
      7.5 x 3.75"
      Decal Transfer
      9 x 2.5"

      Can I sell my design on other types of goods (mugs, phone cases, etc.)?
      Doesn't hurt to ask! We're happy to look into any other product types you were thinking of. If we do pursue one, the cost/inventory structure would be nearly identical to that of the stickers, the exception being if weight or size of the item necessitates an increased shipping and handling fee.

      Where do I point my customers?
      You will be given your own custom URL at

      How many designs can I sell at once?
      We believe in quality over quantity, and that fewer choices help customers make faster purchasing decisions. We suggest keeping the number of designs in the single digits, and if one is lagging behind we can always swap it out for a fresh new design. You’re better off selling one new design every month than keeping several around all year long.

      How long till you can make my stuff available for sale?
      Once we receive the approved design, we can make it available for sale within 48-72 hours. Need to launch a design on a specific day? We're happy to coordinate timing to maximize the impact of a design.

      What happens to my old store?
      Designs offered through your BS Partner Store must be exclusive to that store. There is no requirement that you take down an old storefront if it contains other designs, but that can be confusing to customers, so we do recommend keeping it all under one roof.

      Can you help me sell existing inventory?
      Because customers have a certain expectation of sizing and fit, and the need to provide consistently excellent support, we are unable to offer existing inventory in categories where we already offer products (Tees, Hoodies, etc). Other merchandise (keychains, mugs, hats, etc) may be eligible on a case-by-case basis.

      Can I discount my stuff?
      Sure! You may schedule promotions with your blipshift contact. Note that any discounts you initiate will come from your earnings.

      Do I get a discount on your stuff?
      You betcha. You can get 20% off orders via a unique code to be sent out upon store launch. This discount also applies to your own shirts, with commissions being adjusted accordingly.

      How can I use the blipshift logo?
      Feel free to use the "blipshift" and/or "BS" logos on social media, YouTube, etc. when promoting your designs, though printing and selling the logos yourself will result in a black flag.

      What if my customers have a problem?
      Don't worry, we gotcha covered. Just ask customers to give us a holler via and we'll handle any tee-mergencies, including exchanges and returns.

      How long does it take for a shirt to get printed and shipped?
      Depending on sales volume, most designs will be batched for silk screen printing weekly. It then takes a few days to print and ship. Customers can generally expect to receive a shipping notification within 1-2 weeks after placing an order.

      How can I promote my brand on my partner store?
      Your dedicated page will show your collection of available designs, headlined with your brand logo, tagline and short description. This write-up can include an external link, with social media buttons displayed below. If you have video content, a video can also be embedded at the bottom of your partner store page. Media content can be changed through your blipshift contact.

      Can blipshift help promote my channel?
      Cross-promotional options are available via links to your store and/or relevant products from the blipshift homepage, inclusion in blipshift's daily email, or through social media.

      How do we get in contact?
      You can communicate with your blipshift contact for any support or other questions.

      How do I know how many I've sold?
      For ongoing designs, we'll send monthly status reports on how your torso-tastic tees are doing.In the more common case of a limited print run though, we'll simply let you know once the sale has concluded via payment. Note that this total will not include a small handful of extras ordered with each design in order to satisfy customer returns and other fulfillment cases.

      When do I get paid?
      Payment will also be sent on a monthly basis.

      How do I get paid?
      Cash money… in the form of a bank-mailed check (USA) or PayPal (USA & international).

      What tax forms or other documents do you need from me?
      We require a completed W9 (USA) or W8 (international) tax form after the first statement. Blipshift does not withhold taxes on your behalf, so it's your obligation to ensure that you are in compliance with the regulations of local taxing authorities.

      What if a design isn't selling?
      If a design isn't meeting expectations, you can reach out to your blipshift contact to remove it or see about modifying it as needed.

      Who owns the intellectual property to a design?
      Any copyright currently owned by you remains in your possession, but we maintain the exclusive right to print it on apparel for the duration of your partnership.

      Designs created with the help of our artists and/or partners are owned by us, and licensed to the partner for printing through blipshift. Such designs will not be used to compete with the partner store offering, but in the event that the partnership ends, so too will the partner’s license to use that design. Design copyright remains with us, with the exception of any logos, names, or other partner imagery.

      How do I initiate the divorce?
      Just shout "No More BS" three times in succession and we'll go away. Alternatively, message your blipshift contact to start the process. Check out the Terms & Conditions for pre-nup details.