Have you heard about the great Christmas tree shortage of 2021? Yup, it’s real, and that could be a real problem when you’re trying to hit your holiday apex. What’s more, some people say chopping down a healthy tree is bad. Worse yet, you could go through all that and discover when you get home that your tree needs some rogaine. So we got to thinking… how can we help with this crisis? Queue the light bulb… or should we say the Lite Brite Bulb! We’re gonna kill not just two birds with one stone, but all tree. With visions of a better Christmas future, enough Lite Brites kits and pegs were ordered to make Amazon suspicious, and we got to work crafting the largest cry for OBD help your garage has ever seen.

Good news for you is that you might not have to spend hours and hours of your holiday break putting round pegs into round holes. Take the easy route and enter the Dash Lit Like A Lit Brite Sweepstakes for a chance to win this ONE OF A KIND Christmas tree!

Whether you end up being the lucky tree winner or not, you can still light up your torso with a Dash Lit Like A… tee design available during the Black Flag Friday Sale. Or, lite up your garage wall with a Check Engine, TCS Off or Flatspriacy Wall Lights.

Everything you need to make "Dash Lit Like A" (and more) featuring 9 customized Lite Brites (batteries included) and 8 packs of extra pegs can be yours by entering our sweepstakes contest through December 4.

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Looking to make your own? Wait till post Turkey Day and once we recover, we’ll post some helpful tips.