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2 Cool 4 Sch0ol

by Justin Novella
Most doctors suggest catching some early Zs, but good luck keeping up with this lightweight machine. Like a grandpa that can still outrun you, this is one elder always worth respecting.
Shirt Color: Cool Elder White
Sale ended: 04-22-2018
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Sale ends in: 
2 Cool 4 Sch0ol
Gran Turismo Veloce
by Robert Kane
Artist Specs
  • Name: Justin Novella
  • Location: Mckinney, TX
  • Website/FB: @thenovella_Z
Artist Profile
Justin works for a Dallas based structural engineering firm. He’s been designing and modeling buildings for the last 10 years and uses a structural building software to design his car images. Justin owns a 1976 Datsun 280Z 2+2 (aka the whale), which is an inspiration behind some of his blipshift submissions. Other interests and hobbies, include cycling, mountain biking, and spending time with his family.