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A Lotta Heart

by Martín Vázquez Soto

You're sitting in your doctor's office and he starts telling you about eating better and exercising. You notice a diagram on the wall of the human heart and its four valves. Doc's voice starts to fade and you've got the image of an 80's supercar in your head. Your boyhood dream car with quattrovalvole. When you snap out of it your pants are down and doc is telling you to cough.

Shirt Color: Rosso
Sale ended: 07-08-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Martín Vázquez Soto
  • Location: A Coruña, Spain
Artist Profile
Martín Vázquez Soto hails from Spain. The crowning moment of his life as a petrolhead was when, after years of driving boring diesels, he decided that enough was enough and he bought an old and banged up Mazda Miata NA. It broke down on the first day of ownership. And then, after an expensive fix, it broke again on the second day of ownership. He submitted this design to Blipshift in the hopes of earning some extra bucks to pay the bills for the "F*^%$** Miata".