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Add Lightness

by team blipshift

Perhaps your buddies finally get it since you've worn your Simplify shirt every day this month. Or maybe you've been walking around shirtless waiting for this moment. Either way, you're in luck because you can Add Lightness with our first restomod. This one is for left hand drivers. Or is that right? Wha?

Shirt Color: Four Off Green
Sale ended: 08-01-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift
  • Location: NY
The Skinny
Dec. 26, 2012. 9AM. blipshift HQ Artist: I said the design was supposed to be green and yellow! Intern: Huh? No, you said red and white. Artist: That was the color of the candy canes I told you to buy for the Christmas party! Intern: Oh. Btw, do we need any beer koozies? Artist is now very happy restomod month has arrived.