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Anatomy of a Car Crash #12

by Xander Walker

There's an instant as you still believe the rubber below you will continue to hold against asphalt, defying physics, when time starts to stand still. Two very long seconds later you're crashing over a wall. Luckily, you walk away.

Shirt Color: Steel Blue
Sale ended: 09-25-2012
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Artist Profile
Xander Walker creates street art inspired paintings of famous racecars. The simple and gritty style of stencil art brings out the essence of the design and liveries of these cars. In 2011, Allan McNish crashed out of the 24 Hours of Le Mans after making contact with a slower GT car. The accident, replayed millions of times on youtube, miraculously resulted in no serious injuries. The incident highlights the inherent danger in motorsport as well as the incredible safety advancements made in the past two decade. His painting shows the final moments of the Audi R18 TDI as it flies across the gravel trap to its spectacular demise. Xander's work can be seen at