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Baby Whale

by Ernest Peidro
Normally whales are able to displace a lot, but this baby didn't have the lungs of the full deal. Nevermind, it had some breathing modifications to ensure perfect cardio performance, proving that the formula for performance need not always include large displacement.
Shirt Color: Grey Whale
Sale ended: 12-30-2018
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The Final Lap
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Baby Whale
Happy Camper
by Max Guerin
Artist Specs
  • Name: Ernest Peidro
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
Artist Profile
Ernest may have a passionate 30 years experience in graphic design, but what he really loves is motorsports. F1, MotoGP, NASCAR, doesn't matter as long as there's the smell of burnt rubber! He's also a football fan who follows FC Barcelona and Messi, and enjoys racing with a "Reynard Community" team on iRacing.
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