Badge of Honor

by Scott McGillivray
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Going offroad is more than just sight-seeing, it's survival. It's about your ability to spot hazards, maintain direction, and adapt to constantly changing conditions, so to get this badge, you'll need one capable platform.
Shirt Color: Military-Spec Green
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The Final Lap
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Badge of Honor
Aircool BNB III
Artist Specs
  • Name: Scott McGillivray
  • Location: British Columbia, Canada
  • Website/FB: @kotlkn
Artist Profile
A serious graphic designer by day, Scott has a true love of all things auto. Deeply involved in car culture, he makes his way (in his Ford Focus ST) to car shows and meets regularly. He appreciates the passion and hard work that owners put into their cars, regardless of the badge. He also thinks Renault Fuegos and Merkur XR4Tis are cool... read more!