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Baja Trail

by Project Baja
Be sure to visit the general store for provisions before you set off. Don't want to catch a case of dysentery on your way to Cabo now! The Baja Trail is perilous so be sure to pack wisely, lest a broken (trailing) arm leave you stranded.
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Tags: baja, bug, class 11, mexico, oregon, retro, trail, video game, vw
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What’s more difficult than racing the Baja 1000? Racing it in a stock 1970 VW bug! Project Baja is the team behind the creation of these T-Shirt designs and we are racing our 1970 VW bug in the 2017 Baja 1000. For over 1000 miles and well over 40 hours of nonstop racing we will push our car, Tope, through the most torturous terrain in the most difficult offroad race in the world.
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