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Be Punctual

by Richard Caminita
Don't let bad timing ruin your day. When everything runs like a well-oiled machine there's no reason to fret, but if any of those components fall out of sync...well, best make sure everything stays punctual.
Shirt Color: Blue Belt
Sale ended: 02-23-2017
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Be Punctual
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by Robert Kane
Artist Specs
  • Name: Richard Caminita
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Website/FB: Tire Wear Co
Artist Profile
Richard works in IT but has a strong passion for graphic design with an automotive slant. He recently opened Tire Wear Co: an online store geared towards automotive enthusiasts. He focus primarily on Audis, specifically the Audi Allroad, as he's one of the co-founders of Camp allroad: an annual gathering of Audi wagon enthusiasts from all over the U.S. In his free time, Richard loves nothing more than being with his wife and three kids.