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Tags: change, gear, Manual Transmission, shift

Be the Change II

by Juan Barnett

Opting to change your own. Whether you prefer your cars or your politics in red or blue, what beats the snick from 2nd to 3rd? Or a perfectly rev-matched 4th to 3rd? Now that's the type of change we can ALL believe in! 

BTW, the only change we don't like is the 5th to 2nd change. That one hurts. Get this in a sticker too!

Shirt Color: Patriot Blue (Navy)
Sale ended: 04-28-2014
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Juan Barnett

  • Location: DC

Artist Profile
Juan is a inside-the-beltway policy wonk with a love for everything automotive who is committed to keeping the car-crazed community up to speed on the wonderful world of, uh, policy.

You can find his content at or on Jalopnik @