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Bella Alleggerita

by Ben Van Antwerp
Count your lucky clovers if you ever get the chance to drive one of these homologated beauties. Born from a chopped series 105, Bertone's pen inked this featherweight flying alpha-male whose bark matches its twin-plugged bite. Sprinting to the top step of any podium was a regular attribute for this lucky lad.
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Tags: alfa, alfaromeo, Alleggerita, bertone, Corsa, Giulia, GiuliaSprint, gta, italian, romeo, Stradale
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Bella Alleggerita
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Keep Pushing
by Chad Seip
Artist Specs
  • Name: Ben Van Antwerp
  • Location: WA
Artist Profile
Ben Van Antwerp is a graphic designer and traveling wine-maker, with a love of great roads and fun cars. Ben can appreciate the finer things in life, like French wine, fine cheese, and more!

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