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The Blobeye

by Chad Seip

Attack of the cone killing, scooping-nostril-flared monster! Run!!! You can try running away thru the woods on dirt, gravel, mud, snow or you name it, but good luck 'cause this thing ain't stopping. Might as well just give up... or get in.

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Tags: awd, blobeye, imprezza, STi, subaru, wrx
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
The Blobeye
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Keep Pushing
by Chad Seip
Artist Specs
  • Name: Chad Seip
  • Location: ON, Canada
Artist Profile
Chad started life on 2 wheels but found it doesn't matter how many wheels but rather how fast they spin. There has been plenty rubber left on race tracks or in parking lots attacking cones. A 15 year career in art strangely lead back to motorcycles at a Ducati dealership for the past 5. Fast cars and bikes are what fuels this guy so why not remix the art element again with blipshift? With 2 boys recently added to the family there's sure to be plenty of skid marks in this neighborhood.

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