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by Twain Forsythe
Sure, they might look like outsiders, but when it comes to brapsketball, watching them move at 9k rpm will make your head spin. Their triangle offense is second to none, and see it in action against their main rival: the Pistons.
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Shirt Color: Nailed the 3 porter navy
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Tags: 13b, Brap, Dorito, Engine, Hiroshima, Mazda, Rotary, Spinning, Triangle, Wankel
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The Final Lap
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by Twain Forsythe
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Twain is an Industrial Designer and Illustrator originally from Northern Ireland but now residing is Perth, Australia. He is passionate about all things automotive and cycling. He is currently working on his own business Nut and Bolt Apparel and also creates awesome personalised bicycle illustrations for his lucky clients.
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