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Bro IV

by Ben Van Antwerp
If you ask your track driving buddy, you're always gonna hear an opinion. Heck, you don't even need to ask, he's gonna tell you anyway... "brake in a straight line," "slow in, fast out", yada yada. C'mon man, enough already! Bro, do you even lift?
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Shirt Color: Kermit 911 Green
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Tags: 911, ducktail, lift, oversteer, pcar, rear engine
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Bro IV
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Be Punctual
by Richard Caminita
Artist Specs
  • Name: Ben Van Antwerp
  • Location: Mishawaka, IN
  • Website/FB: Instagram
Artist Profile
Ben Van Antwerp is a graphic designer and traveling wine-maker, with a love of great roads and fun cars. Ben can appreciate the finer things in life, like French wine, fine cheese, and more!
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