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Buckle Up

by Ben Loopstra
Just because the dash is lit like a Christmas tree on your racecar doesn't mean you should ignore all the lights. Be sure to properly fasten your 5-point before setting off and leave it buckled until the vehicle comes to a full and complete stop.
Shirt Color: Indicator Black
Sale ended: 10-18-2017
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Buckle Up
by Robert Kane
Artist Specs
  • Name: Ben Loopstra
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Website/FB: Behance
Artist Profile
Ben loves all things MX5 and Automotive related. He designs, creates, and builds whatever he can, specializing in Graphic Art and Design, CAD Modeling, Fabrication, Woodworking, Mechanics, 3D printing, and Sketching. When he's not in his shop, he's probably driving his "Turboyata" on some country road or at the race track making snail noises. Oh, and "Turbos", he says "They make the world go 'round".