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Tags: brakes, disc brakes, disco inferno, f1, overheating, racing

Burn Baby Burn

by team blipshift
To my surprise, couple hundred degrees too high. People radio in ya'll, cool it down immediately! Folks are screamin! Temps are out of control! It was so entertaining, when the rotor started to explode! I heard somebody say... burn baby burn, disco inferno!

Congrats Jon Sandler for winning the C/D Dancing With Cars tee design contest!
Shirt Color: Exploded rotor sand dust
Sale ended: 11-10-2015
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Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift

  • Location: NYC

The Skinny
Look at her glowing on the dance floor! Cute as a cherry, red as one too. She sure puts the clamps down on this dance. Don't stop!