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Clowning Around

by Chris Holewski
With acceleration that hits you like a pie to the face and handling to match, it’s rare to find a car so nutty. After all those are some big shoes to fill. Anyone who pulls up next to you at a light, the jokes on them.
Shirt Color: Pie In The Sky Grey
Sale ended: 03-17-2016
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Clowning Around
Hawky Little Trees
by Erin Carr
Artist Specs
  • Name: Chris Holewski
  • Location: NJ
Artist Profile
Christopher Holewski makes stencil artwork. He's been creating artwork using stencils for many years, and he's developed a great love for designing stencils, x-acto knives, and spray paint. To learn more about him, how he makes his artwork or maybe snag an awesome print for your man cave, be sure to check out his website.