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Concours D'Hoonigance

by Vincent Chiaro

Last time you were at the concours doing body shots of champagne and inhaling caviar by the handful you wondered... where's the Vintage Hooninfarina collection and when are they going to start the synchronized donuts on the hand manicured lawn?
Hoondonkulous contest winner!

Sport Heather Grey
Sale ended: 07-18-2013
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Artist Profile
Vince is a dad, petrolhead, googler and blipshift Hoondonkulous T-Shirt Idea Contest Winner, not necessarily in that order. When he's not working or chasing his two kids around, you can find him either in the garage or behind the wheel of his Lotus at a local trackday. In a past life, he was a mechanic at the Jim Russell Racing School and also worked for Ducati where he loaned bikes to Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise.