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by Brian Nixon
/kōnə, vôr/ A fast cone eating animal.
For some of us it's just in our nature to munch a few cones while out on a run. We can't help it, those little orange morsels are just too tasty to not gnaw on when they're just sitting there. Like any delicacy you can't have just one, and before you know it there's a trail of orange rubber behind you.
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Shirt Color: All Cones go to Heather
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Tags: autocross, ax, cone, coneavore, miata, munch
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Brian Nixon
  • Location: Columbia, SC
  • Website/FB: Brian Nixon
Artist Profile
Brian was first enslaved by cars only a few years ago but has been pulled deep into the fiery depths of Miata ownership and autocross. Any time not spent dodging cones goes toward enabling other gear heads' bad car ideas, rallycrossing, track daying, and soon to be LeMons Just look for #86 ES. It'll be the red NB with all the cone marks.
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