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Dash Invaders

by David Beck
You turn on your car and all of a sudden – DASH INVADERS! How could that many things go bad over night?! Grab your toolbox and fend them off! Try and get the elusive check engine light when you can, but watch out! The more you eliminate, the faster they come! Wipe them all out or else it's GAME OVER.
Shirt Color: Dash lights out
Sale ended: 10-08-2015
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Dash Invaders
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Stuck at 99
by Dino Pros
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Artist Profile
David is a car nut and blipshift's first stand up comic. He started with a 1978 Chevrolet Van bought from his parents that pretty much guaranteed he wouldn’t date for years. He built a '66 Pontiac Tempest Custom from the ground up with a 400 hp 455 w/ Ram Air, Turbo 400 trans, 3:55 posi rear and YES he knew how to race it. On the comedy club circuit he put 511,000 miles on a 2001 Nissan Sentra SE 2.0, the most reliable car he EVER owned. It was still running strong when he traded it in after 11 years. He now rocks a 2008 Sentra SE-R Spec-V.

He has been blessed with the ability to entertain people across the country, and recently around the world, with a tour entertaining our military in Japan and S. Korea. Working some of the best comedy clubs including, The Ice House in Pasadena, CA. Numerous Improv’s, Funnybone’s, as well as other top rooms including, The Loony Bin’s, Joey’s comedy club, Cracker’s, The Comedy Showcase, and Jr’s Last Laugh, just to name a few.

Not limited to just comedy clubs, David has a resume full of radio and television appearances. He has been heard on Fox sports radio, and the nationally syndicated Todd and Tyler morning show. TV appearances include the Sprint: Comedy Time Network, and Night Shift. He as even ventured into the serious side of TV with roles in Discovery Channel programming such as, The Prosecutors, New Detectives, and The FBI Files.