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Dash Lit Like A... (PM)

by Rebekah Morris
How lovely are your warnings. Your amber cautions, so majestic-y. Your indicators green, so indication-y. Your lights so bright, in wintertime. Shine just as strong, in summertime. O Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, thy status so unchanging.
Shirt Color: Dark Xmas Eve
Sale ended: 11-27-2016
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Rebekah Morris
  • Location: NJ
Artist Profile
Rebekah is an environmental geologist living in north Jersey, where there is no shortage of that type of work. When not working she races cyclocross, runs, and also enjoy occasionally playing around in Photoshop. Her car knowledge is admittedly limited, however her boyfriend's ongoing sagas in the garage with his multiple M3s, and his incessant complaining about all their issues has slowly rubbed off apparently. She now considers herself moderately well versed in old BMW problems!

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