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by team blipshift
Is that group of menacing looking thugs approaching your car? Did that nut in the STI just miss you by inches? In need of some quality first person video of your hoonage? Put dashkam to work. You don't need to be driving in the Motherland in a Lada to let others know that dashkam is watching... always.
Shirt Color: Hybrid Beige
Sale ended: 01-28-2013
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Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift
  • Location: NY
The Skinny
Your buddy Vlad dashcams. You ask him why, but he just nods. He doesn't really answer your questions about his machine gun equipped quadcopter and cash under his mattress either. One day, you find yourself in the passenger seat and a couple neckless big guys stroll up to Vlad's ill-powered crap box. Vlad points at dashcam and the "friendlies" walk away. You think to yourself, "Ah, dashkam good."