Drives Ya Nuts II

by Mike Dexter
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Yeah, you know this entire job should have only taken 1 hour to complete. It's cool, it's not like you had plans or had anything better to do besides sit here spraying PB blaster into your eyes, burn yourself with the torch and struggle with the breaker bar to get these nuts loose for the past 3 hours. Joy-of-joys!
Sale ended: 07-08-2020
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Artist Specs
Name: Mike Dexter Location: Columbus, OH Website/FB: Etsy Shop

A 1976 graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Mike has been a graphic designer for more than 39 years, receiving many local and national design awards throughout his career. Mike is also passionately involved in various dog rescue organizations, as well as being an avid outdoors-man, biker, painter, carpenter and musician.

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