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Eau Yeah

by Jorge Flores
Like that sentient juice pitcher, once you commit to smashing through this obstacle, you gotta go all in; a foot to the floor, butt-clenching, unblinking all-in. No flinching, and certainly no lifting as you the G's smash into your core and you make the climb.
Shirt Color: Navy Blue Flagged
Sale ended: 03-25-2020
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The Final Lap
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Eau Yeah
Q ray
by Ar Rizza Deli Henri
Artist Specs
  • Name: Jorge Flores
  • Location: Toluca, Mexico
  • Website/FB: @citricamx
Artist Profile
Jorge is a marketing graduate, working in a graphic design and advertising agency that he founded with his wife 15 years ago. His passion for cars and Motorsport goes from collecting hot wheels with his 5 year old son, to compete in SimRacing as a driver for Speedwerx Racing Team Esports.