Estate of the Union

by Dino Pros
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I'm here to tell you that the estate of the Auto Union is very strong. How strong you ask? 5 turbocharged cylinders strong with room to boot. We've made Avant-ments in the energy sector raising output numbers to 311 HP. However fun killing regulations might prevent prosperity and fun for our citizens to enjoy.
Shirt Color: Grey Market Deal
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Estate of the Union
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Artist Specs
  • Name: Dino Pros
  • Location: Republika Hrvatska, Croatia
  • Website/FB: @autopia_art
Artist Profile
As a fresh graduate in mechanical engineering, it was only logical to Dino to pursue a career in... graphic design? Why not! Currently working as a freelance designer and content writer for a Croatian automotive website, Dino is happiest when given the opportunity to combine his love for design and for cars, like creating fun 8bit images for enthusiasts. Every penny goes into a piggy bank for buying his E46 dream car.