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Feels Faster III - Daimler

by team blipshift

You upgraded your ride: a new exhaust, ECU tuning, maybe even stickers in the windows. Measuring the effectiveness of a mod can be tricky. Yeah, you could bring it to a shop but nothing really compares to the accuracy of... the Butt Dyno. Feel that rumble in your seat (err, from the car) and you'll know how well that upgrade really worked.

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Tags: butt dyno, dyno, numbers game, whp
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
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Feels Faster III - Daimler
GC8 Track
by Zach Kamstra
Artist Specs
  • Name: team blipshift
  • Location: NY
The Skinny
You and your good buddy can't agree on whose mod yields more power. You could go to the shop and get some raw numbers but WTF, you just spent a bunch of cash on your upgrade! Best thing to do is to break out the Butt Dyno. It's cheap, easy and your buddies can't argue the numbers. Well, actually they can but you'll know it felt faster to you and that's almost as good as the truth.