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First Responder II

by Chad Seip

When you see its flashy face behind you, you should probably give it a point by.

Following too closely may lead to a severe accident.

Vehicle regularly races from point to point.

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Tags: 911, 911t, boxer, flat4, gt2, gt3, gt3rs, porsche, rs, worldisflat
The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
First Responder II
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Cheater Cheater
by John Coughlin
Artist Specs
  • Name: Chad Seip
  • Location: Ontario, CA
Artist Profile
Chad started life on 2 wheels but found it doesn't matter how many wheels but rather how fast they spin. There has been plenty rubber left on race tracks or in parking lots attacking cones. A 15 year career in art strangely lead back to motorcycles at a Ducati dealership for the past 5. Fast cars and bikes are what fuels this guy so why not remix the art element again with blipshift? With 2 boys recently added to the family there's sure to be plenty of skid marks in this neighborhood.

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