FiST Bump

by Anthony McClinton
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Remember in the 90s when all it took for enthusiasts to gobble up a sports compact was to drop in a hot motor, and slap on some new wheels and a spoiler? That spirit is alive and well with this old-but-new FiST of fury. With everything you want and very little you don't, we're gonna be sad when good ones go extinct in 15 years.
Sale ended: 12-27-2020
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Artist Specs
Name: Anthony McClinton Location: Flagstaff, AZ Website/FB: @crosstrekwrx

With dozens of designs to his name, half of which returned as resto-mods, blipshift veteran Anthony McClinton is no stranger. Now working in mechanical engineering after graduating from Northern Arizona University, this Subie guy enjoys anything that can indulge his outdoor pursuits like mountain biking and hiking... read more!

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