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Flare Necessities II

by Zach Kamstra
Stripping a car of all its heavy luxuries is the oldest trick in the book to turn an otherwise unassuming car into a proper racer. Well, that and some tasteful modifications come together to make this the fastest box on the road. When the beast flares up, watch out.
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Tags: bare necessities, fender flairs, gtr, hako, hakosuka, JDM, jungle book, skyline
Artist Specs
  • Name: Zach Kamstra
  • Location: Manitoba, Canada
Artist Profile
Zach's love for Japanese tuners and graphic design often come together during his spare time. He has a list of dream cars too long to even mention, but in the near future he would like to import a 1999 Subaru STI Wagon. Currently he is living out of his 2002 Subaru Outback while tree-planting for the summer.
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