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Flat White

by Marc Carreras
Sure, you could just walk into a mini mart and get the 4 hr old brew, but that would be like walking into a dealer and riding off on the first thing you see. When you care about the details, you start with a really good blend and personalize it to suit your taste. Who wants an average cup of joe when you can have a real cafe experience?

Bike build by Gregor Halenda & Scott Kolb
Shirt Color: Light-grey-t cafe racer
Sale ended: 09-07-2016
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Flat White
by Evan Lau
Artist Specs
  • Name: Marc Carreras
  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Website/FB: Remove-Before
Artist Profile
Marc is an Engineer/Designer originally from Girona (Barcelona) who works as a 3D Modeler in automotive design. He has worked for Nissan, BMW and Qoros and currently works at Audi Concept Design. You can see his other awesome designs and posters at his website.