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Flight 037

by Matthew McCarthy
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Alén speaking. Mr. Rorhl at ground control has cleared us for takeoff, and we will be going airborne soon. Passengers in boarding group b may feel some slight bumps on takeoff, but otherwise, get ready for a quick ride on flight 037."
Shirt Color: Rally Blue Skies
Sale ended: 05-18-2018
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The Final Lap
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Flight 037
GC8 Track
by Zach Kamstra
Artist Specs
  • Name: Matthew McCarthy
  • Location: Saint Augustine, FL
Artist Profile
Matt is a photographer by day, illustrator by... random times. Matt’s photographic passion lies in all things automotive, with a focus (pun intended) aimed mainly towards ‘Merican cars of the muscle variety. Matt can usually be found at the big car shows in NE and Central Florida. He’ll be the one curiously lying on the ground, soaked in wet grass stains, eyes fixed through the view of his camera while ants turn him into their new favorite snack.