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For Fox Sake

by Nik Conley
Don't let the horses take all the credit. The clever fox often goes unnoticed by all but the most cunning of observers. Free to stretch its legs without garnering unwanted attention.
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Shirt Color: Navy Like a Fox
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Tags: body, car, fox, muscle, pony, stang
Artist Specs
  • Name: Nik Conley
  • Location: Fishers, IN
Artist Profile
Nik is a mechanical engineer currently responsible for designing crash safety systems for fire trucks and ambulances. He has a lifelong passion for anything automotive, with a special place in his heart for V8 American iron. He dailies a Mazdaspeed6 and has owned his hot-rodded 1986 Mustang GT for 15 years, the latter of which he intends to keep until he dies, or at least until his clutch leg gives out.
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