Fun Cubed

by Sajad Sakiani
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No rulebook says you have to be boxy to excel offroad, and yet, pretty much all good offroaders are shaped by the cubed-square law of terrain conquest: the more squares, the fewer cares.
Sale ended: 11-27-2020
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Artist Specs
Name: Sajad Sakiani Location: Manassas, VA Website/FB: @sajadsakiani

Sajad found himself a petrolhead by starting playing video games on Commodore 64 in early ages and continued his passion by drawing, shooting and driving cars. Now, he continues his journey as a freelance Graphic Designer and sticks to the motorsports world by designing liveries for commercial and race cars and shooting them for magazines. Vectorizing an image doesn't satisfy him to call it as his own work of art, so he believes that people need to improvise their own perspectives on their designs.

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