Garden of J-DM

by Anthony Chitay
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Prophecies tell of a promised land filled with forced induction and Japanese computing power. But for years, we've only been able to taste this forbidden fruit vicariously through select films and foreign corners of the net. Only 4 more years until we can truly be free in the garden.
Sale ended: 04-27-2021
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Artist Specs
Name: Anthony Chitay Location: Guatemala Website/FB:

Anthony is a design student from LA who currently lives in Guatemala. He loves all kinds of builds: offroader stance, drift, ALL OF THEM. He´s used to freaking out at obscure cars like a garage-kept Geo Metros, JDM CRXs, Mustang Terminators, or clean E30s. Since Guatemala is a difficult place to be a gearhead, he keeps an eye out for anything that stands out from the bland sea of grey sedans. He's currently building a dream garage (out of hot wheels) and searching for an E30 Wagon, FC RX7, Fox Body Notch, or Mitsubishi Pajero.

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