by Jim Chung
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Football, Facebook, Friends with Benefits - FB will only ever mean one thing for the chosen. Though not the first, this little B-sharp kicked the rotary rhythm into the mainstream, and reinforced that the best music is made when you do things a bit differently.
Sale ended: 07-19-2020
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Artist Specs

Jim Chung is not a graphic artist, but is a motorhead who has owned a variety of motorcycles and cars, and wished he had a heated garage with an attached machine shop. He has been known to work all night wrenching turbos into an FB Rx7 and then go to work the next morning. He is best known for pioneering the wearing of multiple nitrile surgical gloves in the garage because his patients don't want to see grimy fingernails. You can check out his photographic work on his website, and his technical blog on cameras at

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