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Gated Community

by Adam James
Non-existent HOA fee provides a fun filled activities space complete with snarky commentators, GIF giving aplenty as well as 100% free financial and legal advice for all! Come join our manual loving ways. PS, all apartments are #11.
Shirt Color: Sand
Sale ended: 11-30-2015
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Sale ends in: 
Gated Community
Gran Turismo Veloce
by Robert Kane
Artist Specs
  • Name: Adam James
  • Location: IL
Artist Profile
Adam James reads Jalopnik. He frequently enjoys car things and he can definitely read, for sure. Well, this lucky guy is going to racing school!

He also runs Silent CARtography: Exploring automotive culture with the skill of a fledgling photographer, and the wit of a Midwestern American. Some of it's good. Check it out at