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Gimme a Tow

by angry @ sandy team blipshift
Doctors have finally determined the purpose for the human appendix: it provides a solid mounting point for a tow hook. Useful on the track or after a hurricane...
Shirt Color: Rallye Blue
Sale ended: 11-06-2012
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Artist Specs
  • Name: angry @ sandy team blipshift
  • Location: Sandyblasted
The Skinny
You're at a bar with your buds and realize that the three (or was that four?) pints you downed have worked their way through your system, so you're heading to the pits to relieve yourself. There's just one corner left, then a short straight and you're good to go. But you apex too early, clip the corner, trip on the baseboard and spin out into the wall. Next thing you know, you're splayed on the floor, wondering what just happened. Looks like you're done for the day. Good thing you've got a tow hook installed.