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Go For Broke

by Brent Nagy
Sure it's a great feeling to roll out of the dealership or pull away from a successful craigslist sale at the helm of a new 4x4. But that euphoria quickly wears off when you hop out and realize that your ride is less rock crawler and more grocery getter. Just don't take out a second mortgage to get your lift on.
Shirt Color: Push bar dark grey
Sale ended: 07-22-2016
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The Final Lap
For Yesterday's Design
Sale ends in: 
Go For Broke
by Evan Lau
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Calling the Chicago suburbs home, Brent grew up surrounded by cars. Sure, many young boys had a racecar bed, but Brent had a steering wheel and helmet to go with it. Before he got his license, he spent a lot of time playing racing video games and was teased by his brother for spending more time in the in-game vinyl editor then racing. Fast forward to today, and Brent is using his digitally-honed skills to design and wrap real racecar liveries, professional and amateur.