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Going Nuclear

by Ar Riza Deli Henri
Origin stories are funny. Someone falls into a vat of radioactive slurry, is part of a government super soldier test program, or gets bit by a gene edited bug. Godzilla? He was always there... lurking. Waiting an inconvenient 25 years to make his appearance. Then all hell broke loose once he was on our shores.

15" x 20" (frame not included)
Prints are Giclee printed with archival inks on heavy matte paper with a 1/4" border. We don't recommend hanging the finished work in direct sunlight. They're precious, like your eyes and Frodo's ring. We suggest hanging this masterpiece in your dingy garage. Posters are shipped rolled in a durable cardboard tube.
Artist Specs

Riza is freelance graphic designer from Indonesia, who specializes in automotive illustration. He's recently worked with several brand like Tunercult and RWB. You can see his other awesome designs and poster on his Instagram.