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by Evan Lau
Being a bird of prey is no easy task. It's hard work to make your way to the top of the food chain. You need sharp claws for grip, strong wings for stability, and the eyes of a hawk for good sight.
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Shirt Color: World Rally Royal
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Tags: Hawk eye, Japanese, JDM, Scooby, sti, Subaru, Subie, tuner, wrx
Artist Specs
  • Name: Evan Lau
  • Location: Long Island, NY
  • Website/FB: @titleguy1
Artist Profile
Evan is an aspiring artist and typical high schooler, with a burning passion for all kinds of cars since the beginning of time. He's been drawing cars ever since he could say "Porsche." If he's not stressing out in school, Evan is almost always seen on his laptop. Though he doesn't have a license nor a car yet, those are certainly subject to change.
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