Holiday Party Survival Kit

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Your office holiday party or family dinner is gonna be waaay better this year. No more will you be in a scratchy wool sweater listening to your uncle talk about his bunions while drinking eggnog out of a plastic cup. The Blipshift Holiday Party Survival Kit is engineered so you hit every possible fiest-apex (a $42-51 value!) You get...
  • Comfy BS ugly sweater (It's actually a BS tee or long sleeve). Complete with manuals, turbos, cones, pistons and everything else that gives you motoring joy.
  • 16oz Klean Kanteen® Steel Pint Cup. Won't shatter when you're too... err... happy to hold it straight anymore!
  • A 4 pack of awesome coasters! 'Cause your shiny pint cup deserves bottom protection (ok, your buddies' wood table too).
  • One Shifter Ornament. Even if Mom thinks the tree is perfect, you can make it perfecter.
  • 2x blipshift stickers. Just the thing to decorate a lame Secret Santa gift you got stuck with.
Ships by Xmas (US only)
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